KellySpring International provides a range of services for both prospective employers and employees. Our goal is to match skilled professionals with companies requiring their expertise. KellySpring International will help your company define the skills you require and find qualified candidates for your opportunity. Our services include:

For Job Seekers:

* Defining Employment Goals
* Interview Skills
* Resume Writing
* Job matches
For Employers:

* Defining Opportunities
* Developing Search Strategies
* Recruiting
* Screening

We have strong links to multi-provincial manpower recruitment agencies in China, India, Bangladesh and Burma. Our China counter-parts are government-approved agencies with more than 20 years of experience in the global recruitment industries, Japan and Korea are the two main markets.
We have extensive pools of quality candidates to draw from our professional staff work closely with our China counterparts on the advertisement, screen, initial interview and short-listing. With our wealth of experience, proven track record, we strongly believe we can meet our clients’ expectations and requirements even in short notice.